Data resources have the characteristics of heterogeneity and differentiation; with increasing demand and the development of the scale of application systems, data resources must be constantly enriched and expanded.

With this vision in the mind that Managing Committee Shia P.G.College, Lucknow has established Shia College Data Resource Cell (Scdrc) in the session 2017-18 to set up a repository on institutional and disciplinary history with a data bank for contemporary records and pedagogical aids, including visual, textual, and other materials, as well as simultaneously build and provide the necessary in-house skills in new pedagogical and research techniques.

In response to the felt need for a repository of sociological documents, the University of Delhi has given the Department the seed money to buy equipment for digital scanning and documentation. The resource centre will, we hope, serve as a knowledge hub, housing sociological material from different parts of the country and accessible to scholars across India and the world.

At present we have undertaken three specific tasks. These are as follows:

  • Digital documentation of students records and their analysis
  • An archive of all past records
  • Teachers profile
  • Events records
  • Linkage with the examination controller office of the university
  • To upload e-content

The traditional data resource management model has been unable to meet users’ requirements of flexibility, timeliness and expansion in data resource management, which has led to major bottlenecks in system applications, cost increase and lower efficiency.

We propose a method of data resource management using on-demand customizing that can be used to solve the problems stated above: on the basis of analysis of the data resources, the flexible management and customization of data resources is realized, eliminating the tight coupling between information system data storage programs and data resources, and providing transparent, flexible data resource management for enterprise applications, thus ensuring the sustainable development of information systems.

System and Data Management encompasses a broad range of activities needed to deploy and maintain server-based application platforms and appliances. System management and data management include all the actions to keep a system functioning – from a single platform to its connectivity to the global network.

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