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Add-on Course


Candidates pursuing Under Graduate / Post Graduate are eligible to take up one of the Add-on courses simultaneously with their regular course of study so that they could acquire multi-skills on par with industry and job requirements.


Sincere efforts for increasing the employability amongst students by opening new job oriented courses and to build interaction with reputed universities/colleges/institutions to focus on new strategies for enhancing employability of students.


To achieve student needs keeping in mind industry and corporate sectors expectations, emerging national and global trends, we add value to the curriculum by various additional inputs/programs. In the curricular updating, we consider different levels of learners; impart multi-skills on par with industry and job requirements thereby linking it to the mission objectives.


The objective of the scheme is to introduce career and market-oriented, skill enhancing add-on courses that have utility for job, self-employment and empowerment of the students. At the end of three years, the students will be equipped with a Certificate/Diploma/Advanced diploma in an add-on orientation course along with a conventional degree in Science/Arts/Commerce.

Under the aforesaid policy, vision, mission and objectives, the following Add-on courses have been introduced for the benefit students of Shia P.G. college, Lucknow

 Sr.  Course Name  Course Code  Faculty/ Department  Duration
1 Certificate Course on Communication skills and Personality Development CCCSPD01 Add-on Committee 30 Hours
2 Certificate course in Computerized Accounting CCCA01 Add-on Committee 30 Hours
3 Certificate Course in Computer Applications CCCA02 Add-on Committee 30 Hours
4 Certificate Course in Sales and Marketing Management CCSMM01 Add-on Committee 30 Hours
5 Solar Energy Basics SEB01 Department of Physics 30 Hours
6 Audio & Speaker Electronics ASE01 Department of Physics 30 Hours
7 Counseling Skills CS01 Department of Education 30 Hours
8 Lucknow Heritage Studies LHS01 Department of History and Asian Culture 30 Hours
9 Certificate Course in Radio Jockey RJ01 Department of Journalism & Mass Communication 30 Hours
10 Certificate Course in Photography P01 Department of Journalism & Mass Communication 30 Hours
11 Research Methodology RM01 Department of Sociology 30 Hours
12 Pathological Techniques PT01 Department of Zoology 30 Hours
13 Right to Information RTI01 Faculty of Law 30 Hours
14 Right to Accused Person RAP01 Faculty of Law 30 Hours
15 Good & Service Tax : An Overview GST01 Faculty of Commerce 30 Hours
16 Basic Skills in Yoga BSY01 Faculty of Physical Education 30 Hours
17 Hindi Print Media HPM01 Faculty of Hindi 30 Hours
18 Certificate Course in Retail and Rural Marketing RRM01 Department of B.B.A.(I.B.) 30 Hours

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