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College Canteen

Canteen is one of the essential facilities being offered by the college to its students, staff members and visitors from outside. In our college, it is flanked between Mursale Azam Block and Imam Raza Block and is hence situated in the middle of the college. Besides, its closeness to the college playground makes it even more useful for players and onlookers in times of sporting events. The purpose of the Canteen is to provide healthy refreshments and prevent students from going to restaurants outside where the quality of items being served is not very good. Further, the availability of snacks on the campus saves precious time for students which would have gone to waste in going to food outlets in the vicinity of the college. The canteen is also a meeting point for students from diverse disciplines and such interactions often lead to a very fruitful exchange of ideas. For college alumni, the time spent in the canteen is a source of pleasant memories that make them feel nostalgic about their alma mater.

The Canteen is run by a contractor chosen by the management through a fair and transparent process of tenders. The contractor is accountable to the college management for the quality of his service and is subjected to inspection by the college authorities.

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