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President, Board of Trustees Message

Prof. Aziz Haider

Prof. Aziz Haider

President, Board of Trustees

Being the President of Board of Trustees,Shia College and School and its other connected institutions, I have both the opportunity and the privilege to provide a forward-looking leadership and guidance to focus on adoption of global best practices in teaching-learning and innovation in all programmes with rigour and relevance and to develop links globally…with governments, industries, academia and alumni all the world over for knowledge generation, dissemination and healthy application. Shia P.G. College creates a nurturing and spiritually healthy environment for lifelong learning in an intensive learning experience.        

It is true that different people are good at different things from logical, ideological, mathematical to sociological analysis…and because different people are good at different things, it is silly to rely on a single metric of aptitude in measuring achievement. There is also the confusion between intelligence or aptitude and achievement. Whatever the potential, it is its realization that is the vital task of education, and an education system can be more successful by tapping and fulfilling this potential. So even with a given distribution of aptitudes, an education system can always succeed in realising its learners’ potential and help them to become more successful.                                                                                                                      

At Shia P. G. College, the focus is not just on the conventional teaching-learning methodology, but more importantly, on fostering innovation and creativity in every aspect of academic delivery and learning. Shia Post-Graduate College creates a teaching-learning environment for providing ample scope for the multifaceted, all- round development of its students and promotes inclusive education for all.

I welcome all of you to be a part of this great and amazing academic journey .

Professor Aziz Haider

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