Department was established in 1947. Dr. G.S. Sidhu was the first Head of department and later on he became former Director General of C.S.I.R. Dr. T. N. Srivastava and Dr. M. M. Husain also taught in the department and later on become professor and Head and Professor in the department of Chemistry, University of Lucknow, Lucknow respectively. Mr. J.P. Mathur, Dr. H.N. Mehrotra, Dr. S. Shakir Husain Rizvi, Dr. S.G. Abbas and Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmad also glorified the seat of the head of the department of Chemistry. Department of Chemistry consists of 3 Labs, Lecture theatre, Preparation room, store room, fuming gas chamber, balance room, Lab assistant and lab bearer room, beside this staff room and H.O.D. room.