The Department of Anthropology was established in the late 1970’s and since then it has catered to students coming from different set-ups. Since its inception, the Department of Anthropology (affiliated to Lucknow University) has specialized in two broad classifications of the subject matter viz., social anthropology and physical anthropology. Physical Anthropology is one major field of anthropology. Cultural anthropology is divided into three major subfields-archaeology, linguistics and ethnology.

The students coming to study anthropology learn when,where ,and why humans appeared on the earth,how and why they have changed since then and how and why modern human populations vary in certain physical features. They are also taught why societies in the past and present have varied in their customary ideas and practices.

The Department also has its own museum with various palaeolithic tools as old as 10 lac years excavated at different archaeological sites in India, along with artifacts and implements of tribal communities.