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Faculty of Arts - Department of Anthropology [ About Department ]

About the Department

Anthropology is the study of man in totality. It studies humans and human societies as they exist across time and space. It is quite distinct from other social sciences as it encompasses a full span of cultures, especially tribal areas of the world. As a result, anthropology interested in questions of social, cultural, and biological diversity and to issues of power, identity, and inequality. Anthropology provides an excellent preparation for those interested in cultural aspects of the society and helps them understand the uniqueness of this multicultural world. It equips students for careers in a wide range of fields, including culture, tribal studies, poverty, environmental sustainability, resource management, human genetics etc.

The Department of Anthropology at Shia PG College offers a wide range of approaches to study different topics under the broad heading of Social Cultural Anthropology, Biological Anthropology and Archaeology. The department provides students with excellent teaching in theory and methods to enable them to pursue their graduate study.

The Department was established in late 1970 and since then it maintains a Museum having stone tools especially hand axes belonging to the period of Lower Paleolithic. Apart from this the Department also has a collection tribal implements, artifacts and human bones which are also a part of the Museum.



The Department of Anthropology at Shia PG College is a large diverse community of students, with a staff, teaching the application of anthropological knowledge in every major area of the discipline. Our vision is to meet the diverse educational needs of our students, to provide them with an informed understanding of culture and cultural differences. The motto being that the students never become ethnocentric rather than become capable, contributing members of their diverse communities.



The Anthropology Department is committed to integrating the humanistic and scientific perspectives of our discipline. We will prepare our students to be understand and respect the variety in human experiences and to develop a critical perspective on their own society, be responsible citizens, productive professionals, and lifelong learners with global perspective. We will foster a diverse community of inquiry, discourse, discovery, expression and reflection.


1.   To help students to perceive other cultures without being ethnocentric. This will help them appreciate other cultures by understanding their cultural practices.

2.   To expose students to the process of anthropological interpretation and representation.

3.   To enable students become more sensitive to social and cultural issues.

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