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Remedial Classes

The educational system is known for its enormous heterogeneity which has a huge bearing on pedagogical practices in any institution. Students in any given class are drastically different from one another in terms of their skills, abilities, and tendencies. This heterogeneity calls for a student-specific approach in teaching. With a teacher to student ratio of 40:1, it is possible to differentiate slow learners and fast learners from average students. Remedial classes are aimed at bridging the gap between students of varying mental abilities and providing each student with the kind of guidance that lets him perform to his full potential. The method of teaching for students suffering from neurological deficits such as dyslexia, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), anxiety or depression requires teaching to be supplemented by neurological treatment and psychiatric counselling. Remedial teaching is not not necessarily meant for only those students who have learning deficits but is applicable to all students. For students of normal IQ, remedial teaching attempts to develop intuition about concepts that a student may find difficult or challenging.

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