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Multi Activity Centre

Education is not just about acquisition of knowledge and training of the mind but is a means for all-round development of human subjects. It is much broader in its expanse and encompasses almost every aspect of our physical being. Thus, extra-curricular and recreational activities are no less significant than the classroom activity for a child’s development. Activities such as gymnastics or other indoor games strengthen our mental and physical faculties in different ways. Solving a sudoku, a crossword or a Rubik’s cube sharpens our mind to a great extent. Similarly, playing table tennis, badminton or similar games is a great way to exercise our muscles in a controlled manner which is good for people of all age groups because it can be done in not-so-strenuous manner. Contrary to this, watching a good video or listening to a melodious audio of a person’s choice has a calming effect on human mind despite that it involves no physical or mental activity. It is highly desirable for every educational institution to have a multi-activity centre where such recreational activities could be performed. Shia PG College has its well furnished multi-activity centre lodged in its Abu Talib Block where appropriate arrangements are made for recreational activities for all the members of teaching and non-teaching staff of the college in addition to the students. This centre has necessary equipment for work-outs, indoor games, and a big LED screen for watching TV programs or internet based content.

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