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Governor of U.P.
Mr. S. Abbas Murtaza Shamsi

Hony Joint Secretary/Manager Managing Committee
Shia P.G. College, Lucknow

Prof. Talat Husain Naqvi

Shia P.G. College, Lucknow

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About Shia College

Shia College is one of the premier institutions spreading the light of learning and knowledge to a large number of students under the management and control of the Board of Trustees of Shia College and Allied Institutions. Following the traditions of Islam, as practised by its Prophet and his successor, the College has served all the communities without discrimination, maintaining high standards of secularism and patriotism from its very inception.

The oval shaped College Emblem carries as its motto the Hadith of the Prophet of Islam "I am the city of learning and Ali is its gate," a pen and a book with rays emanating from it signifying the spread of light and learning, a sword signifying a fearless struggle and war against tyranny, oppression, evil and darkness. The name of the College is at the bottom of the emblem.

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